NYU Stern’s Open House Event

I just wanted to write a short post (this ended up being longer than I thought), commenting on NYU Stern’s Full-time MBA Admissions Open House event. The event was held on a Saturday morning, and even though my R2 application to Stern isn’t guaranteed, what else would I be doing at 10AM on a Saturday? Sign me up.

In short, if you’re within the general vicinity of NYC or can somehow arrange to attend a future Open House event, I highly encourage it. Although the majority of the event was your standard run-of-the-mill information session complete with student speakers and PowerPoint presentation slides, the admissions committee capped the event with a very interesting, unique approach that I’ll touch on later.

The four student speakers NYU Stern elected to speak at the event were a diverse panel of speakers (a former Googler who spent his past summer at Sony working on strategy for a Harry Potter product, an investment banker, an intern at Bayer Consumer Care, etc.) I felt that Stern touched more upon the diversity and strength and influence of its faculty more than most other schools. (Obviously  being located in the heart of Manhattan has a lot to do with the strength of its professors.) Highlights they touched upon included the renowned Corporate Finance class taught by Professor Aswath Damodaran or the connections another professor has with the Cannes Film Festival which allows him to bring 25 students each year, often meeting with executives of various film companies or conglomerates.

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And we’re off!

NYU (Stern) released their 2013 Full-Time MBA essay questions last week. Here we go! Here they are in a nutshell:

Professional Aspirations

  • why MBA now?
  • why Stern and what have you done to decide on Stern?
  • what are your post-MBA goals?

Your Two Paths

  • describe 2 distinct paths your career could take
  • how do they tie into Stern’s mission?
  • what factors will determine which path you take?

Personal Expression

  • describe yourself and be creative

Additional Information (not an optional essay for me)

  • explain why your undergraduate GPA royally sucked

What I had been yearning for weeks has now grabbed ahold of my nerves ever so slightly as I begin to feel the rush of excitement of what lies ahead and the mounting pressure of delivering a series of knockout essays that will allow me to grab ahold of my dream.

I need clarity (specifically isolating my MBA goals to the TEE) and sharp focus (right after the 2012 NBA Finals are over). With these upcoming essays, a summer statistics class in full swing, a full-time job that calls for occasional weekend work, a mentorship program beginning in the fall, and a bachelor trip to plan for as the best man to my closest high school friend, I think I’m in good position to ask, “Who really needs sleep anyway?”

Wrong! I never sacrifice on quality sleep unless absolutely necessary. Sacrificing time when my body and mind can rest and recover is a reflection of poor planning and time-management. I’m not 22 years young anymore, and I certainly won’t be helping myself by attempting to run on fumes at work or working on essays with a half-rested brain.

Organizational skills are something I pride myself on; with my schedule growing tighter in the forthcoming months, I’ll just have to plan more wisely and creatively.