just keep swimming, just keep swimming

working feverishly… typing away…. on a Saturday night…

A bit disappointed in myself at not having finalized a complete set of school’s essays yet. I also received some pretty harsh feedback on a set of rough drafts for Yale. (Like really, brutal feedback.)

Though temporarily and mentally setback, I used it as a springboard to scrap one of my ideas completely and start fresh. A part of me is overcome with anxiety as I attempt to dig for real meat to be used in terms of leadership examples. This is where not having a long-term vision or a 5-year plan fresh out of school has really come back to bite me in the butt. One great thing about this MBA process however (though mentally stressful at times and constantly hovering above my thoughts like a rain cloud) is that I will probably never again simply “coast” as I had done in 2009 and part of 2010, with no real concrete goals. Setting goals and outlining plans is so key, with or without an MBA along the way.

Well, I say “never again” but I suppose I can afford to ease up a bit once I’m fully retired 😀
Till then, Goals! Perseverance! Perspective! (and to remain humble and thankful for all that I’ve been blessed with along the way)