Accepted! :D

I’ve spent so much time in the past year imagining this – the anticipation, the phone call, the acceptance offer, the moment when I could stop dreaming and actually plan for the months ahead – but I never imagined that when the moment finally arrived that I would just stand there quietly in awe.

Even as I write this blog post, I’m struggling to some degree as to what to write. Feeling jubilant, relieved, appreciative, thrilled. I feel as if my brain has been wired for months, at the helm, ready to learn business fundamentals, network, and charge ahead. The switch has finally been flipped.

Here’s how it went down for me:

On the 13th of February, Christine Sneva (Admissions Director at Cornell Johnson) tweeted out: “#Johnson Adcom had a long night making the first wave of R2 decisions! Admit calls start tomorrow! #Johnson2014 &#Johnson2015”

I knew this because I had been browsing the GMATClub Forums (as usual) and one of the members so kindly pointed out this tweet. This threw me off unexpectedly since I thought Johnson extended their offers all in one day, just as Yale and Duke had.

Admit calls start tomorrow? 6 days ahead of schedule? In the words of Marty McFly, “this is heavy“.


The 14th came and went without a call. But not to fret – there were still plenty of days remaining until the official notification date of February 20th. I decided to work remotely the next day (Friday before the long weekend) and what better place to work remotely than from a visit to the parent’s house! Nothing like a home-cooked meal to calm the nerves a bit and a change of scenery to try and focus on my work…

…except I let it slip to my father that a call from Cornell could come in any minute with an offer. He flipped out for a few minutes (just as I had when I read that tweet), closed his eyes and I think mumbled a prayer or two, paced around the room, gathered himself, and then calmly walked into his office. He knows how badly I want to attend business school and I know how badly he wants me to attend business school (knowing how important it is for me) and so I felt by telling him that I had inadvertently upped the pressure I felt that day. My mistake.

I did my best to focus on my work. But alas, I continued to check the Cornell Johnson 2013 forum thread. At 10:35AM EST the first acceptance offer was reported – a call to the GMATClub member from Christine herself. Then, 4 hours later another member. Both of them wished the rest of us luck but made clear that they were already planning to matriculate at Tuck. Fantastic. 20 minutes after that, a 3rd GMAT Club member reported the call. It took a lot of willpower to try and ignore the thread – it proved especially difficult since things at work were dead for the day.

And then…

…some time in the late afternoon I heard my phone ring.

I glanced at the screen: Unknown Number

Could this be someone from work? Or…

I almost intentionally missed the call – some twisted part of myself wanted to save and hold onto the voicemail that would’ve been left behind if the call was from Johnson’s Admissions Office. It’d be such a nice message to have. I didn’t have much time to seriously contemplate it though – my father, having heard the ring of my phone, had stumbled out of his office and was jumping up and down in front of me yelling at me to answer the phone.

I waved him away and ran over to a quieter space and picked up.

The first thing I heard was a man’s voice and for a second I felt nothing – just waited for him to finish introducing himself. My interviewers had been two women and this surely wasn’t Christine Sneva’s voice on the other end so I didn’t jump to any conclusions yet.

And that’s when I heard him state the words: “…from the Cornell Johnson admissions office” and I knew. This was it. This was the call!

The glorious call lasted for 4 minutes but by the 1 minute mark my dad was trying to catch my eye, ready to explode. I flashed a smile and gave the thumbs up sign to my parents across the room. My dad started whooping and hollering like an animal. My grandma waddled out of her room, curious as to what all the commotion was about. My mom was saying, “I told you so!”

After the call was over, I was simply at a loss of words. I sort of stood there quietly, while my father was celebrating around me in an over-the-top fashion. I would’ve joined in with him but I think I was still in shock – or perhaps, at peace. All of the test preparation, the studying, the summer coursework, the campus visits, the interviews, the waiting, the waiting, and more waiting… it’s finally over! I am finally on my way towards earning an MBA!

In other news, Northwestern calls go out at the end of March, and I believe Duke will be updating its R1 waitlisted applicants with its R2 decisions, also in March. Not quite certain if Yale has a similar policy. 2013 is shaping up to be an exciting year!


6 Responses to Accepted! :D

  1. Tara says:

    Wowie! Congratulations! I am feeling so happy, as if I got in!! 😀 The part about your family whooping around is hilarious, but understandable!

  2. extremestan says:


  3. Vikram says:


  4. embeeay says:

    Thank you very much Tara, extremestan, and Vikram! 😀

  5. Three cheers for you! Johnson is a great school and the Cornell campus is gorgeous. Best of luck for WL conversions. I’m sure one of them will because you’re on a roll now!

  6. embeeay says:

    Thanks cheetarah~! Your previous comment preceded some very good news – perhaps this will do the same 😀

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