And we’re off!

NYU (Stern) released their 2013 Full-Time MBA essay questions last week. Here we go! Here they are in a nutshell:

Professional Aspirations

  • why MBA now?
  • why Stern and what have you done to decide on Stern?
  • what are your post-MBA goals?

Your Two Paths

  • describe 2 distinct paths your career could take
  • how do they tie into Stern’s mission?
  • what factors will determine which path you take?

Personal Expression

  • describe yourself and be creative

Additional Information (not an optional essay for me)

  • explain why your undergraduate GPA royally sucked

What I had been yearning for weeks has now grabbed ahold of my nerves ever so slightly as I begin to feel the rush of excitement of what lies ahead and the mounting pressure of delivering a series of knockout essays that will allow me to grab ahold of my dream.

I need clarity (specifically isolating my MBA goals to the TEE) and sharp focus (right after the 2012 NBA Finals are over). With these upcoming essays, a summer statistics class in full swing, a full-time job that calls for occasional weekend work, a mentorship program beginning in the fall, and a bachelor trip to plan for as the best man to my closest high school friend, I think I’m in good position to ask, “Who really needs sleep anyway?”

Wrong! I never sacrifice on quality sleep unless absolutely necessary. Sacrificing time when my body and mind can rest and recover is a reflection of poor planning and time-management. I’m not 22 years young anymore, and I certainly won’t be helping myself by attempting to run on fumes at work or working on essays with a half-rested brain.

Organizational skills are something I pride myself on; with my schedule growing tighter in the forthcoming months, I’ll just have to plan more wisely and creatively.

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